Smart Baby Milk Kettle BMM-3800

Lock the nutrition, easier to warm milk

Detailed Description


LED Screen

Big LED Screen Display, Clear Digits, simple and easy to operate, the elders can also operate it themselves. 

Auto-Off, Anti-Dry Protection

When water tank is short of water, it will cause the temperature inside the device to be higher than the set-point.It will be automatically shutdown and start the protection program.

Smart Touch Panel

Innovative Touch Buttons, Enhance hand experience, Operating once Touching.


Scald Proof and Anti-skid Handle 

Personalized handle,with wider and thicker design, comfortable grip, anti-skid and scald proof 

Confined Outflow Nozzle

Easy to control water, no need to worry about the water spilled from the cup , it's more convenient to use.

360 Degree Rotating Pot Body

Fashionable bottom base pairing with 360 degree rotating pot body, easy to use

 Product Name  Smart Baby Milk Kettle  Rated Voltage  110V, 220V-240V
 Model  BMM-3800  Kettle Capacity  800ML
 Color/Skin  Pink/light blue  Product Size  165MM*206MM*229MM
 Heating Power  800W